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"This is for parents who might have a child who is a square peg in a round hole or a round peg in a square hole... or whatever the mismatch might be. I have one of those. Throughout his years in school, it became quite obvious that despite the amazing school and great teachers he attended, he just didn't fit in socially and was suffering deeply for it. We tried everything we could think of. The teachers tried everything they could think of. Nothing seemed to work for our kid. And then the secretary of his school suggested that we might give Purpose a try. She had heard of other kids like ours who struggled fitting in, then went to Purpose and turned things completely around. So we (skeptically) decided to give it a go. It's now the end of his first school year and I am amazed to say that school is no longer is a bad word in our house. He loves going... looks forward to going in fact. He loves to participate in his unique way and to be valued for that uniqueness. It's a tribute to the school that he will finish his high school years and look back with positive memories instead of just negative ones. We highly recommend Purpose to any other parent who might be facing similar struggles with their child."

"At Purpose I experienced an amazing community, and with that community I was given the courage to work towards my goals, and so I did."


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